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Riots in Brazil are scary!

Maria Silva, a friend of mine from Sao Paolo, Brazil, has just contacted me about the riots in Brazil right now. She told me of people getting hurt and even reporters being shot with blank or rubber tipped rounds. Scary stuff. I hope nobody else gets hurt.


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Guitar playing is a great hobby!

Guitar has become my new hobby. After I was cheated on and made to feel miserable by someone who didn’t deserve me, I finally decided to make a change in my life.

So I quit smoking, hit the gym and decided to find a new hobby to fill my time with.

Turns out guitar playing is a great hobby! Not only that, I also decided to start meddling with the innards of the guitar effects and electronics. Yup. A girl. Doing electronics!

I found several great sites to learn about the guitar. Including Music Electronics Forum which is the old Ampage forum turned into a more general topic(music electronics and not just amps) and the this guitar amplifier site in Portuguese which is in Portuguese , my native language.  Most of you don’t know that my dad’s parents were raised in Portugal. So I learned portuguese really early on in life, before we moved to America. But that’s a whole new story. For now, let’s stick to the guitar and electronics.

On one of these sites I found a cool Portuguese ebook to download and read. From there I bought several electronics books and decided I would be a girl in a man’s universe, messing around with the electronics in these gadgets!

Well it’s been quite the ride since. I feel distracted and well rewarded for my efforts. My guitar playing continues to evolve and the guys actually find it pretty awesome that a girl can mess around with the electronics.

Stick around for my updates! I will talk about my playing progress along with some tips for those just starting. One of the best things I found was the Guitar Pro software, which is absolutely fantastic. But I’ll leave that for a future post!

When life gives you lemmons, make a lemmonade! Cheers everyone!

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