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Pilates and You

The Pilates Method (or just Pilates) is a physical fitness system that was developed early last century by Joseph Pilates.

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“Thanks TSA, for protecting us from terrorists by looking for explosives hidden behind my balls.”


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911 refuses ambulance for woman dying in ER waiting room; nurses dont help

A woman was vomiting blood and dying on the ER waiting room floor, nurses refuse to help. Her boyfriend calls 911, as does a bystander, asking for an ambulance to take her somewhere that will help, and get told it isn’t an emergency. The woman is now dead

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Clamping Down on Website Traffic.

Unless you work in information technology, you probably don’t think about how much money a web site costs to operate, but it can be expensive.

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Democrats to revive Iraq war timetables

* Fiscal 2008 defense authorization bill to include withdrawal date, Reid says
* Second approach would cut off funding for the war in April 2008
* Debate will begin before end of June, majority leader says
* Another proposal would mandate down time between deployments

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Bush Will Always Have Albania

George W. Bush, Hero of Albania! At least there’s one place in the world where they show the Decider some love.

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Camp Lejeune water pollution, cancer link investigated

* 75,000 Marines, families exposed to toxic tap water, health official said
* Chemicals in water may be carcinogens
* Children on based have had cancer and other disorders
* 850 former Camp Lejeune residents have filed legal claims

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